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Двигатели на иновации

Осем участници. Шест държави. Един екип.

Осемте колеги в нашата квалификационна програма „Drive Solutions CVT!“ са доста разнообразна група от шест различни държави с разнообразен професионален опит. Запознайте се с тях и разберете какво означават иновациите за тях: 

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Dev Aditya

A graduate of Continental’s APAC Management Trainee program, Dev is based in Selangor (Malaysia) and looks after the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. He is a specialist in the management method Six Sigma and market research.

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Jason Low-Boon-Keong

A specialist in experiential marketing, Jason has worked in sectors such as the alcohol and tobacco industries. Based in Selangor, Malaysia, he now supports sales of Continental commercial vehicle tires on the Malaysian market.

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Nigel Burford

Nigel is British and headed the technical sales department of a German filter system manufacturer, as well as research and development for the Asia-Pacific region in China. At Continental in West Drayton, his territory is Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Silke Meier

An IT expert, Silke has managed software projects using the SCRUM model and is experienced in developing apps and in requirements management. Based in Hanover, she is responsible for the German market.

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Stefanie Mahaboob

Stefanie is an IT specialist with a background in software development specifically for start-up companies, and is qualified to manage development projects using the SCRUM model. Based in Fort Mill, she looks after the US market together with Tim DeCillis.

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Tim DeCillis

A sales professional, Tim used to sell tires on the US market and has already promoted the ContiPressureCheck system. Based in Fort Mill, he and Stefanie Mahaboob are smoothing the way for this smart technology to reach customers in the US.

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Timothée Ferré

A former trainee in Continental’s passenger cars division for the Europe and Near East region, Timothée was most recently a Key Account Manager in the Commercial Specialty Tires business unit in France. Based in Compiègne, he takes care of the French market.

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Lokvinit Tyagi

Lokvinit is an Australian who used to sell tires for our competitors in India and Australia. Based in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne, he is now preparing sales of digital solutions for Continental commercial vehicles on the Australian market.